Roger Soberon

Ontario Office Manager

Roger Soberson’s philosophy is “Everything is possible.” It is his mission to help people and provide the best bilingual client care available in his field. 

Roger showed a lot of promise from a young age, having been awarded a scholarship to Switzerland due to his IQ results of 141 at seven years old. He was ranked in the top three in the general admission results of his university and received his Computer Programming degree at San Ignacio de Loyola in Lima, Peru. An experienced and innovative expert in the Personal Claims industry, Roger has over 22 years of experience working on PI claims. Because Roger loves to help people and build genuine trust, he supports clients like his family and utilizes the best of his skills and expertise to always be on their side. 

One of the ways that Roger drives results is through a disruptive strategy that he has discovered to consistently work for his clients and force insurance companies to pay a fair value on property damage claims, guaranteed.