There are many acts of negligence that can cause you to suffer severe harm, and it’s essential to recognize what your rights are. Working with an personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, California is essential in any case where you sustain an injury because of someone else’s actions, especially when you consider the potential expenses you may incur. Filing a lawsuit can be essential should you be denied by an insurance company when you file a claim. These types of situations can be some of the most difficult for you to endure, and the most effective way of protecting your rights is to have someone on your side to navigate the process.

If you’re trying to find a personal injury lawyer, look no further than our personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, California team here at Pirnia Law Group. Not only do we charge no fees unless you win, our personal injury lawyer is committed to safeguarding your best interests from start to finish. We handle a wide range of matters regarding injury law, and we have the knowledge necessary to pursue the maximum compensation you need after an injury. We are driven to be the top personal injury law firm in Los Angeles, and we truly believe that our genuine care for our clients is what sets us apart. We’re confident that your attorney search can end here, and we’ll be the voice you need against negligence.

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Los Angeles


Unfortunately, many negligent actions result in fatal injuries. In these situations, there are legal options available to the surviving family members to pursue compensation on behalf of the deceased individual. Wrongful death claims allow individuals to hire a personal injury law firm to pursue the same compensation that the deceased would have been able to recover had he or she survived the injuries he or she sustained. However, wrongful death claims allow family members to pursue additional compensation for the following: 

Funeral expenses

You may recover the costs associated with the funeral including the plot, the casket, and the services.

Medical expenses

If your loved one had to receive medical care from the date of the injury till the date of the death, you may be able to recover compensation for these expenses. 

Lost income

Lost income can account for all expenses the deceased individual would have received from the date of the injury to the date of death, as well as expected earning capacity of the future (money that the deceased would have earned had he or she survived). 

Lost consortium

Wrongful death claims also consider the impact the death has on the surviving family members. The case may compensate you for lost companionship, guidance, support, and more. 

Brain Injuries


Under personal injury law, brain injuries are one of those considered catastrophic because of the long-term problems associated with them. These injuries often leave individuals dealing with symptoms that impact their entire life, including physical pain and suffering, mental trauma, cognitive and sensory disabilities, and more. In these cases, you need a traumatic brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles who can help you navigate the complex issues that often arise in these cases. It’s important to pursue maximum compensation in these situations because the costs must consider medical care, specialized medical equipment, lost income, and more. 

Brain injuries occur in numerous ways with some stemming from physical trauma to the brain, and others occurring because of a lack of oxygen. Typically, a lack of oxygen can cause permanent damage depending on how long the deprivation lasts, as well as whether or not the oxygen flow is completely cut off or restricted. A complete lack of oxygen most often leads to death of the brain cells. Restrictions in oxygen flow is more likely to cause impairment instead of brain cell death. In any case, getting a head injury lawyer can be the most beneficial step to prove negligence and pursue compensation. Calling an injury lawyer should be one of the first steps you take following any incident that leads to a brain injury, for either you or someone else.  

Spinal Cord Injury


Whether the accident occurs because of a severe collision on the road, a slip and fall, and act of violence, or any other form of negligence, a spinal cord injury can be one of the most difficult for you to endure for numerous reasons. The spinal cord is what protects the nerves that help your brain communicate with many portions of your body. Whenever the spinal cord suffers damage because of negligence, it’s increasingly important to hire a serious injury lawyer because the effects can last your entire life. Spinal cord injuries can be mild if it occurs closer to your tailbone, but if the damage is higher up towards your brain, the injuries can be devastating. 

If you suffer a spinal cord injury, you may endure paralysis because of the damages associated with it. The severity of the paralysis, though, is dependent on the level at which the spinal cord injury occurs. If it’s in the sacrum, you may not be paralyzed at all. The thoracic and lumbar spinal cord can lead to paraplegia, which forces you to lose function in your lower limbs. However, a cervical spinal cord injury can result in complete quadriplegia from the neck and shoulders down. You may also experience bowel and bladder control problems or trouble walking (for a sacrum spinal cord injury). 

In some situations, a doctor’s negligence can also lead to a wrongful death. In this situation, you need to have a medical malpractice wrongful death attorney who can help you understand what rights you may have. Medical malpractice can involve issues such as surgical errors, prescription errors, misdiagnosis, and more. For instance, a prescription error can arise should a doctor misdiagnose a patient. In this situation, they may prescribe a medication that the patient is allergic to, which could cause a fatal reaction in some instances. Whether the fatal injury occurs in a hospital, nursing home, vehicle collision, or because of an illness, it’s important to move forward with legal action.

Burn Injury


If you need a burn injury lawyer, you’ve come to the right place. Burns can be some of the most difficult types of injuries to deal with and often leave you with physical and mental trauma. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes situations in which the burns they sustain are the result of someone’s negligent actions, so they don’t know when they need a PI attorney to help them pursue compensation. If you recognize the potential causes and the long-term effects of a burn injury, it can help you protect your rights throughout the process. After all, there are many ways in which burns can occur and you can hold someone accountable if their negligence caused you to suffer the burn.

Thermal burns are some of the most common because they arise with any contact involving a scalding hot liquid or item. This can arise from negligence if someone heats up a liquid too much, such as the hot coffee lawsuit involving McDonalds many years ago. Other burns can involve chemical burns and electrical burns; both can involve negligence in the workplace should you not be provided safety equipment. If you suffer a burn injury, the long-term scarring can lead to significant emotional trauma, which may become part of your compensation with the right local injury lawyers on your side.. 


One of the most prominent causes of spinal cord and brain injuries is a slip and fall. When someone falls because of negligence, there are many problems that can arise and the damages you sustain can last for years. Unfortunately, without a falling injury lawyer, it can be harder to prove that someone else was responsible for the injuries you sustained. In most situations, these types of injuries occur on someone else’s property so they fall under premises liability law. In order to be successful in this practice area, there are specific factors that must play a role in the injury you sustained. 

First, you must show that you were legally allowed to be on the property. This means that you were either a licensee or invitee and the place where you suffered the fall was either public property or private and you had permission to be there. 

Second, you must show that the owner of the property had knowledge of the potential hazard and either did nothing to fix the issue at hand, or they did not warn you of the danger. 

Third, you must show that there was no reason for you to assume that the property had a potential danger. This factor is essentially for you to show that you did not suffer an injury because you ignored the danger.

Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injuries are considered the most severe under personal injury law because they come with the most devastating long-term problems. These types of injuries encompass traumatic brain injuries, spine and spinal cord damage, burn injuries, severe broken bones, amputations and limb loss, and internal organ damage. Any catastrophic injury can leave you to endure the lifelong impact including ongoing needs for medical care, many surgical procedures to treat the damage, and more. When you endure a catastrophic injury, you may be unable to work, making the bills you incur even more challenging. 

Catastrophic injuries can occur in numerous ways, which is part of what makes them so dangerous. In many situations, negligence can arise and you never see it coming. Catastrophic injuries (such as spinal cord injuries) are most often the result of vehicle collisions (car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, etc.) and slip and falls. These accidents can often be attributed to someone else’s negligent actions, which allows you to work with a bodily injury lawyer to show liability and pursue compensation. These types of injuries may also require you to perform modifications to your home or vehicle, which can also increase the need for compensation as quickly as possible. An accident injury attorney can help you deal with the insurance company after any incident in which you suffer one of the injuries classified as catastrophic. 

Neck Injury


When you think of a neck injury, you may think of a strain or problem that makes it difficult for you to rotate your neck. However, while strains are the most common injuries you can sustain, some of the more severe injuries can impact your ability to complete even the simplest of tasks. One of the most common types of neck injuries is whiplash, which occurs in vehicle accidents in which the impact of the collision causes your head to jolt forward and backward rapidly. The impact and motion of your neck can create many problems, including severe strains, muscle tears, and even broken bones. In the event any of these occur, you can hold the negligent party accountable in whatever incident you endure.

The soft tissue in your neck, any joints, tendons, ligaments, or nerves; they all play a crucial role in your day-to-day tasks. When you suffer a neck injury, you may experience pain in your shoulder, jaw, upper arms, head, and more. There are many types of injuries that can occur as well, including swelling, and you may require various types of treatment. It can be as simple as taking pain medication and icing the area, but there are some injuries that may require you to go through surgical procedures and physical therapy to help regain the motion in your neck that you enjoyed prior to the injury.

Back Injury


Whenever you suffer a back injury that’s not as severe, you can experience a reduced range of motion that makes simple tasks seem almost impossible. Strains and sprains are types of injuries that happen all the time, but there are some instances in which they can result from someone else’s negligence. However, there are other types of injuries that involve your vertebrae that can be more severe and leave you enduring long-term pain. These types of injuries are more common in car accidents, slips and falls, violent actions, and more. These are the actions, though, that involve negligence and allow you to pursue compensation if you can show that someone else is liable for your harm.

Some of the more severe back injuries you can sustain are herniated disks and fractured vertebrae. Depending on how severe the damage to your back is, you may just need medication and rest. However, the more damaging injuries can require you to go through physical therapy, surgery, and more. If you’re able to show that someone else caused your back injury (such as a drunk or distracted driver or negligent property owner), you may be able to pursue compensation for all damages that you incur, including your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost income, and more.

Sexual Assault


One of the most heinous actions that someone can ever perform is a sexual assault. Not only is this a criminal act, it can also result in you suffering long-term issues including pain from the assault, mental trauma, and more. As such, individuals who suffer from sexual assault have the legal options to file a criminal charge against the abuser, but you can also file a personal injury lawsuit with a PI lawyer to hold the assaulter accountable for any action that causes you harm. In many situations, the statute of limitations in these types of cases vary greatly and newer laws permit additional time for a child who may have been assaulted.

Pursuing compensation may not seem like a top priority when you have your rights and personal space violated in such a vicious manner, but there are benefits to holding someone accountable for the damage you sustain. Immediately after the assault, you should see a doctor to receive a medical evaluation. For this situation, preserving evidence can be beneficial to both the criminal and civil case. Evidence is what can be used to convict someone of sexual assault and hold them financially accountable. In these types of cases, where the damage is intentional, there may be punitive damages that play a role in compensation. Working with an attorney can help you safeguard your rights throughout the entire process.

Dog Bite Injury


When someone suffers a dog bite, it’s essential to recognize how this area of law works. While you may encounter a personal injury defense lawyer who is trying to protect the dog owner, you should know that California has a strict dog bite liability law that can help you protect your rights. Unfortunately, dog bites can cause some of the most damaging injuries you may sustain, including physical punctures, infections, and mental trauma. Because of these damages, you can pursue compensation from the dog owner for any expenses you incur as a result of the damages you sustain.

Under California’s dog bite law, you don’t have to show that the dog had a history of aggressiveness. You just have to show that you suffered your injury as a result of the dog bite and that you were either on public property, or you were permitted on private property where the bite occurred. If you find yourself as a victim of a dog bite, make sure you work quickly to get medical attention to help prevent any kind of infection that can result in even further problems. After your medical treatment, calling a personal injury lawyer should be near the top of your priority list to begin safeguarding your rights to compensation. We’ll work hard to hold the dog owner accountable for your dog bite and they should be held liable for the losses you experienced.

Medical Malpractice


You trust medical professionals to be there for you whenever you have an illness, condition, or injury. The medical professional must properly diagnose you for whatever you’re enduring, provide necessary testing, and work to treat you as best as possible. Unfortunately, there may be times where doctors fail in their duty of care, and there is a history showing proof of malpractice that shows medical professionals can cause more harm than good. When professional negligence occurs and you either suffer harm or don’t receive treatment, you need a medical malpractice attorney to help you pursue action.

Two of the most severe types of medical malpractice are surgical errors and misdiagnosis. Surgical errors encompass any situation in which a doctor performs surgery on the wrong person, performs surgery on the wrong body part, or leaves an object inside the patient after the surgery. Misdiagnosis is very serious because it results in patients either receiving treatment they don’t need (which can lead to medication problems) or they don’t receive vital treatment to help them improve their health. For instance, a misdiagnosis of cancer can result in you not receiving surgery or chemotherapy, allowing the terminal condition to worsen. Holding a medical professional accountable for injuries they cause requires you to have professional legal help, but you can pursue compensation for physical pain, suffering, and monetary loss as a result.

Birth Injury

Birth Injury

Birth injuries are a common type of injury resulting from medical negligence. Nobody ever wants to think that their baby can suffer severe harm as a result of a medical professional’s actions, but this is a situation that does happen. Some of the most severe types of birth injuries that may arise can include cerebral palsy, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, shoulder dystocia, and more. While some birth defects are chalked up to genetics, there are many actions that medical professionals can take that can cause serious harm. For instance, if the doctor does not properly work to monitor the pregnancy, they may miss out on fetal distress which can indicate a problem.

One of the biggest problems involving birth injuries is lack of oxygen. If the baby does not have oxygen in his or her brain, it can lead to long-term trauma. This is a situation that can arise because of umbilical cord issues, a prolonged labor, and more. In some situations, the doctor must recognize problems and perform an emergency cesarean section when necessary. Failure to do so puts the baby at risk of harm, and this is one situation that can lead to birth injuries. Because birth injuries can lead to long-term issues, it’s essential to recover compensation for this kind of situation. 


You may not think much about electrocution (and you might not be aware of negligence in this manner), but it can be one of the most dangerous situations you encounter. Bad electrical wiring, defects, and other issues can lead to you suffering electrocution, or an electrical burn. Any situation where an electrical current flows into your body, not only does it cause a burn at the site of contact, it can cause significant problems for your internal organs. Internal organ damage is considered a catastrophic injury because organ failure can lead to long-term issues or be fatal. 

Electrocution can occur in a number of situations. First, you may suffer electrocution in a workplace accident. These situations are most common in construction sites where electrical wiring is exposed, heavy machinery is a constant presence, and more. Second, electrical burns can arise in medical facilities if the professionals on the staff don’t take action to protect patients. Also, electrocution can arise in car accidents should someone collide with an electrical pole that causes wires to come crashing down. In any case, it’s important to get legal help after electrocution to pursue the compensation you need to properly recover moving forward. 

Defective Safety Equipment


In many workplaces, it’s vital for employees to have safety equipment that prevents them from sustaining severe harm. There are countless situations that would require a worker to have goggles, gloves, hard hats, reflective coats, and more. If the worker does not have such items, there are many situations that put them at severe risk of harm. Even on the various items and heavy machinery that workers use, there must be specific safeguards to prevent workers from sustaining harm (for instance, having harnesses when working from heights). Without safety equipment, a worker may endure significant injuries.

In these situations, negligence may fall on the owner of the company for not providing the necessary equipment to keep people safe. It’s vital to recognize situations in which workers must have their own equipment and when the company and employer are required to provide equipment. Not only should the workers have the right safety equipment, it must be free of any defects that can cause it to fail at the worst possible situation. For instance, if a worker requires a harness when working at a height, the harness must be safe and secure. A defect can include the harness breaking, the carabiner clips snapping, or other problems that cause the harness to fail completely.

Nursing Home Abuse Or Neglect


In many situations, people rely on professionals to help care for their elderly loved ones. Nursing homes are a prominent part of our communities, and many of them operate just fine. However, there are other situations that can arise in which your elderly loved one suffers harm because of either abusive actions or because of neglect. If a worker is physically abusive, the damage can be severe, including bruises, bleeding, broken bones, and more. Neglect can also result in physical damage if the staff members ignore the needs of the elderly, including not designating someone as a potential fall risk.

There are other issues that can arise, including verbal abuse, financial abuse, and malnourishment. The nursing home staff has the responsibility of ensuring that all residents are safe and free of potential harm. When they fail in that regard, there are numerous problems that can arise. For instance, malnourishment can lead to your loved one losing a significant amount of weight, becoming seriously ill more often, and more. Recognizing the potential signs of nursing home abuse is vital. When you visit your loved one, look for potential bruises as physical signs. However, you also want to look at your loved one’s behavior, which can include fear of a specific worker, anxiety, or depression.

Workplace Injuries


While you should think that your own workplace would be safe and free of potential dangers, there are many industries in which workers can be severely harmed because of negligence. Many workplace injuries occur in similar industries such as construction, chemical plants, and more. However, even a person who works in a grocery store can suffer a workplace injury because of a slip and fall, stress injuries, or damages from repetitive motion. It’s vital to recognize the various negligent parties who can cause you to suffer harm in the workplace and what options you have to seek compensation. 

Other coworkers

Some coworkers may be responsible for the injury if they are not safe in how they do their job. Coworkers may be responsible for causing trip and falls, dropping heavy items on someone, or the erroneous use of heavy machinery. 

Machine manufacturers

In various industries where heavy machinery is used often, it’s crucial for them to ensure the machine is free of harm. This includes manufacturing the machine safely, ensuring a safe design, and warning workers of any potential dangers that may exist. When a machine causes significant injuries, the manufacturer may be accountable for all damages sustained. 

A workplace injury lawyer is crucial to showing the negligent parties, but can also help you understand your abilities to file a workers’ compensation claim instead of a personal injury claim. Various situations can alter how you handle these matters. 


In any situation involving negligence, it’s crucial to recognize what your rights are, and working with a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles is one of the most important factors to consider. Having legal counsel can protect you from the various parties interested in denying your rights, including the insurance companies and large corporations who prioritize profit over your well-being.
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