About Us

A lot of people get into situations that require help from a lawyer, but resist calling. Our firm, The Pirnia Law Group, understands why.

Who wants to deal with:

  • Attorneys with attitudes and oversized egos
  • Waiting hours or days for a callback when you have an urgent issue
  • Being talked down to, when you really need help understanding the legalese

Our firm’s founder, Ardy Pirnia, also known as ” Ol’ Uncle Ardy,” decided when he launched the firm that there had to be a better way to operate. He has assembled a staff who have decades of experience in their areas of focus. They include:

Seth Dardasthi, our department head, personal injury

Roger Soberon, our office manager, Beverly Hills

Carlos Mora, our office manager, Ontario branch

Juan Dominguez, our lead personal injury file handler

We Don’t Keep You On The Hook For Anything

Our clients love our responsiveness. You can call us 24/7 about your legal issue. If you call at 3 a.m., you could very well end up talking to Ardy right then and there. We will book your appointment (when possible) the same day you call. If you cannot come to us, we will come to you. And we make it easy to work together by accepting credit cards for payments. English not your first language? Our office buzzes with multiple languages, including Spanish, Farsi, Armenian, Italian, Russian and Serbian.

“Wonder why some lawyers seem so annoying? Maybe they love feeling ‘elite,’ or maybe some of my peers simply cannot imagine another way to be an attorney. If you keep feeling like you need to take a shower after meeting with your attorney, call Ol’ Uncle Ardy. I will treat you like an adult, and show you how our firm can serve you just as well as the ‘old masters.’”

– Ol’ Uncle Ardy, a.k.a. Ardy Pirnia



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