In personal injury law, there are some injuries that are more severe than others, including a traumatic brain injury. There are many devastating symptoms you may experience as a result of a brain injury, and filing a personal injury claim against a responsible party can be the necessary step to pursue compensation for the damages you sustain. Getting a Los Angeles personal injury law firm equipped with a skilled and experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles can be vital to your ability to pursue compensation for the losses you experience.

At Pirnia Law Group, our team of the best brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles is ready to help you through the complex matters and pursue the outcome you need. Whether you suffer an injury to your brain or brain stem damage, you need to pursue justice and compensation for your brain injury recovery. Our brain injury lawyer will be by your side every step of the way with your best interests in mind, ready to advocate on your behalf.

Brain Injuries

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If you suffer a traumatic brain injury because of someone else’s negligent actions, you have TBI legal rights that allow you to go through the claims-filing process and potential lawsuit to get compensation for your injuries. Compensation is crucial after a TBI because it can have some of the longest lasting symptoms. These damages can impact your entire life, and it’s vital to get compensation for the following:

Pain and suffering:

Pain and suffering falls under the category of non-economic damages because you cannot quantify the amount of your losses. There’s no statement or receipt to show how much you lost; rather, these cover the losses in your quality of life.

Loss of wages:

Many of the traumatic brain injuries you can suffer (even mild) can lead to you missing a significant amount of time from work. As such, you may miss out on potential income that you normally would have earned had you not suffered an injury. This type of compensation falls under the category of economic damages because you can prove the exact amount of money you made prior to the injury to determine how much you would have earned.

Medical bills:

A brain injury can require you to suffer significant injuries that can last for a long time. Unfortunately, this can mean long-term medical care, many procedures (including surgery) to try and treat the ongoing problems, and more. You can potentially recover compensation to cover these expenses, including past costs and future medical needs.

Our team of best brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles, will work with you and provide the necessary resources to pursue compensation, including knowledge of the law, understanding the statute of limitations, medical experts for testimony, and more.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury

If you suffer a traumatic brain injury, you should know that there are many different kinds. Each one can have a significant impact on your body, your health, and more. Recognizing what traumatic brain injuries are the result of negligence can help you through some of the most difficult situations because you can take legal action against the person responsible for your injury. Below, our best brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles will break down three of the types of traumatic brain injuries that people can sustain.

Diffuse axonal injury:

This is commonly referred to as a DAI and is a type of traumatic brain injury that you may sustain as a result of blunt force trauma to the brain. Many of these types of injuries result because of negligent actions such as car accidents, violent actions, and more. 

Anoxic brain injury:

When someone suffers an anoxic brain injury, it’s due to a complete lack of oxygen. This is a common injury that arises due to a birth injury (infants may suffer cerebral palsy), because of a medical condition (such as a stroke), or because of negligence (drowning accidents). The longer the brain goes without oxygen completely, the more problems can arise. Roughly four minutes without oxygen can result in the death of brain cells. 

Hypoxic brain injury:

Hypoxic brain injuries arise when there’s a restriction of oxygen to your brain. Your brain still receives some oxygen, but the low flow can lead to impairment of brain cells rather than the complete death of brain cells. 

Part of filing a lawsuit following a brain injury means being able to show liability, which means you must show that someone’s actions resulting in your suffering the injury. Our team of the best brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles can help you understand what your legal options are to file a lawsuit to pursue the compensation you deserve. Should someone cause you to suffer a significant brain injury, you should also recognize the various symptoms that you may experience so you can understand the long-time impact. 

Brain Injury Symptoms

The symptoms associated with traumatic brain injuries can impact you for a long time. In many situations, the symptoms can last a lifetime. For others, it can go away after some time. However, when you recognize the symptoms and the severity of them, you can better position your need for compensation by showing what the damages are that you sustained.

Weakness in the arms and legs:

A brain injury can impact how it communicates with the rest of your body. The more severe the injury, the more of an impact it can have on your limbs. You may experience significant weakness in your arms and legs that make you less stable or unable to do certain activities. 

Loss of balance and coordination:

Because of the impact on your limbs, as well as the other issues you can experience within your brain, you may have a hard time with balance and coordination. This can force you to miss work and deal with lost wages if your job requires you to do certain things that rely on these aspects. 

Hearing or vision loss:

Sensory issues are common whenever you suffer a brain injury. Not only can you experience an issue with taste, but you can sustain hearing and vision loss.


Of course, with any situation involving your brain, a headache may persist. For more severe injuries, the headache may be ongoing for days, and range from a mild pain to a sharp and unbearable feeling. 


Confusion and memory loss can go hand-in-hand, and you may not remember where you are or what happened. You may be unsure of the pain you’re feeling or how the injury occurred. 


Lightheadedness and dizziness can persist for many minutes or hours after the brain injury occurs. This is often why it’s important to get medical attention because the dizziness can cause additional issues (such as causing you to fall and suffer even further injuries).

Loss of consciousness:

For mild traumatic brain injuries, the loss of consciousness may only last a few seconds to a few minutes at most. For more severe injuries, however, it can last for a few hours.

Blurred vision:

If you suffer blurred vision or a ringing in your ears, it can be a sign of a traumatic brain injury. These symptoms may last quite some time after the brain injury, or it may be more sporadic. 

Sensitivity to light or sound:

Bright rooms and loud noises can cause you to suffer severe headaches after a brain injury. 

Sleep and balance problems:

Sleep can cause both, trouble sleeping or extreme fatigue. This can cause significant problems with your sleep schedule and balance.

Irritability, anxiety, and depression:

Many brain injuries result in behavioral issues that can cause significant impacts on your life. Your feelings can change randomly, going from depressed to angry and back again.

Wrongful death can also arise as a result of a traumatic brain injury. In these situations, the family may have the legal right to file a lawsuit on behalf of the deceased individual to pursue compensation for funeral expenses, lost income, and more.

Types of Accidents Leading to Brain Injuries

Recognizing the various causes of a traumatic brain injury can help you pursue compensation. Many of the situations that can arise occur because of someone else’s negligent actions. The below are some of the most common situations that can cause a TBI to occur. 

  • Medical malpractice
  • Car accident
  • Work accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Medical malpractice
  • Slip and fall
  • Falling objects
  • Physical violence

When any of these actions occur, you should understand how to prove negligence. Working with a Los Angeles Injury attorney can help you recognize causation and prove that someone should be accountable for the damages you sustained. 

Cognitive Issues Resulting from a Brain Injury

Your cognitive abilities include concentration, focus, memory, communication, and more. Cognition controls your impulses and decision-making, as well as your ability to plan and organize. A traumatic brain injury can cause you to experience significant issues with paying attention, focus, and speech and language. It can also cause developmental and learning disabilities.


What are some different types of brain injuries?

The types of brain injuries you may sustain vary greatly, but they all end up having a significant impact on your life. For instance, there are brain injuries that you may sustain due to trauma, which are very common in acts of negligence, such as car accidents, slip and falls, truck collisions, and more. Then there are acquired brain injuries that can arise because of a lack of oxygen. An open TBI occurs when there’s a penetration injury to your skull and brain, while a closed TBI can occur because of outside trauma and other other issues. 

Can you recover from a brain injury?

Recovering from a brain injury is not always possible. There are some forms of head trauma that are much worse than others and recovery may not be possible. However, some of the more mild TBIs can go away and you can function properly. In most situations, though, the TBI can cause significant cognitive disabilities, as well as sensory problems. It can result in you having slurred speech, a loud ringing in your ears, or even blurred vision. In some situations, surgical options may be explored to determine how to fix a brain injury.

What are the long term effects of a traumatic brain injury?

Long-term effects associated with a brain injury go far beyond just the physical pain you may endure. In many situations, you can encounter cognitive impairments and motor function issues that make it difficult for you to focus, lose sensory abilities, suffer developmental delays, and more. The more severe the brain injury, the harder it is for you to function moving forward.

What is the average payout for a concussion?

When you suffer a concussion, you may feel like this is an injury that can help you recover a significant settlement. Even though it is considered a mild traumatic brain injury, a concussion can lead you to miss a significant amount of time from work. As such, there are many settlements that reach over $100,000 for a concussion. 

What are some of the most common brain injuries?

Two of the most common brain injuries you can sustain include concussions and contusions. A concussion is most often considered a mild traumatic brain injury as they have a significant impact, but it doesn’t always lead to long-term problems. Memory loss and nausea or vomiting can persist after a severe head injury. Contusions are bruises to the tissue in your brain which can lead to even further issues, including internal bleeding. An internal brain bleed can be deadly if not treated.

What is the Glasgow Coma Scale?

The Glasgow Coma Scale is something that is often used to determine the severity of a traumatic brain injury. It bases the symptoms of the brain injury on a number system and categorizes the scores from 1 to 6, judging a patient’s response to opening his or her eyes, speech, and movement. The higher the score, the better the prognosis. However, anything less than an 8 is considered a severe traumatic brain injury. It’s a helpful scale for people to recognize just how severe their injuries are.

How much compensation do you get for a brain injury?

A traumatic brain injury is one of the most severe types of injuries you can sustain. It is referred to as a catastrophic injury under personal injury law because of the long-term impact it can have on you. If the brain injury leads to you being unable to work, endure significant losses, require long-term medical care, and more, you may be able to recover significantly more compensation than you would if you suffered a concussion. The compensation you may recover is strictly dependent on the severity of the injury and how much it impacts your life moving forward.

What is the legal process for a brain injury lawsuit?

A brain injury lawsuit is similar to any personal injury lawsuit in that you have to show that someone’s negligent actions resulted in you suffering the TBI. You file a claim with your insurance company or that of the responsible party depending on how the injury occurred. They’ll respond and either pay out the compensation you deserve or they’ll deny your claim. From there, you can work with a lawyer to help continue your lawsuit as necessary. Showing the severity of your brain injury is vital to pursuing maximum compensation. This means having the proof to show your TBI will keep you out of work and require long-term ongoing care.


With a traumatic brain injury attorney on your side, you can work hard to get the outcome you need. It’s a difficult situation any time you deal with a traumatic brain injury, and having legal counsel can help you level the playing field. Not all insurance companies are willing to pay out compensation when they should, especially when a TBI can cost a significant amount of money. Having an attorney on your side may help you hold the insurance company to their word and get the outcome you need. 

At Pirnia Law Group, you are our top priority. Our Los Angeles brain injury attorney is ready to put your best interests first and guide you through the process. You can be sure we’re working hard to safeguard your rights and legal options moving forward. We offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis, so you can be sure we’re focused on the most favorable outcome possible. You’ll only pay us when we win on your behalf. We know that you need strong legal counsel during this very difficult time, and we promise to be there for you and your family. 

If you suffer an injury resulting from negligence, our team can work with you to help you file the claim in a timely manner, providing all necessary documents, and helping you show that someone else is responsible for causing your harm. We don’t back down from large insurance companies, and we’re ready to position your best interests in a way to pursue the maximum compensation you need.

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